A Hospice Volunteer is a member of a team who works with dedicated professionals and a support staff made up of  physicians, skilled nurses, certified home health aides, homemakers, social workers, chaplains, and bereavement specialists who understand the special goals of hospice care. All members focus their efforts on easing the symptoms of the terminally ill patient and provide support to their families.

Hospice helps ease the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain of dying patients. The goal of hospice care is to help a person’s last months be as fulfilling and comfortable as possible.

Hospice Volunteers are:

  • Part of the hospice team
  • Special people who are well-trained
  • Emotional supporters
  • Committed to bring light and love into the lives they care for.

Volunteers serve in many ways:

  • A good listener of all concerns
  • A good communicator and organizer
  • A good support person for the patient and family members
  • A good helper
  • A good friend
  • A good link to other team members

Becoming a Volunteer:

If you would like to become a volunteer you you can fill out our Volunteer Application online and it will be sent to our volunteer coordinator

To find out how you can serve in your area, or for more information on our volunteer program please call our Volunteer Coordinator,  Stephanie Wilkerson  at (580)931-3707